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Our Clinic Is Re-Open!

Yes, we are open now! We have received the green light from The Ministry of Health to provide in-person visits at the clinic effective immediately.

Re-Open Gifts

To celebrate our re-opening, we will give away PPE goodies at each visit. After you enjoy your treatment, make sure you take home with not just good energy, but a bottle of hand sanitizer and a bag of protective gloves. The more you come, the more goodies to take home (while quantities lasts). You'll love carrying them to run your errands like grocery shopping, gas pumping etc, Even just have them sticking around your car makes things super handy.

Client and staff safety is our top priority at Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic. To ensure the delivery of safe care, we apply effective infection prevention and control according to the guidance from our regulatory body, College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMPAO).

Here are some highlights of new procedures for in-person visits:

Our Safety Highlights:

• We have installed a sneeze guard at the front desk to minimize droplets

• Treatment rooms are sanitized before and after each treatment

• We limit the number of visitors to 2 in the waiting area. If the number exceeds the limit, we ask visitors to wait at the hallway outside of the clinic

• All staff must wear masks at all times

• All staff must pass daily self-screening to ensure they are free from any COVID-19 symptoms upon each arrival

• We want to avoid having 2 clients checking in or out at the same time if possible

How COVID-19 Safety Impacts Your Visit:

• You need to pass 2 screenings. First, pre-screening happens 1 day prior to your appointment. An email with a link to online pre-screening survey will be sent to you 24hr before appointment. Please answer this survey (takes 1 minute) as soon as you receive the email. Second, on-site screening happens upon your arrival.

• You need to sign a consent form and declare that you are free from any COVID-19 symptoms

• You need to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out consent form and get ready. If you arrive late, we might need to re-arrange the appointment time due to special arrangement on social distancing

• Any non-patient who you accompany with will need to wait outside of the facility

• You must wear a mask at all times during the visit. You need to bring your own masks

Call Us today to resume your wellness plan. Call 905-501-8851. Direct Message in Facebook, Instagram or Email works, too!

Christine Fung

Christine Fung is a registered acupuncturist and registered traditional chinese medicine practitioner who's focus in Women's health and fertility. Her practice, Acupuncture Shiatsu Clinic in Mississauga, provides holistic services to treat chronic pain, infertility, depression and other chronic diseases.