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Empower your fertility now. We are passionate in helping you to get through your fertility journey smoothly. These weekly episodes are filled with all you need to know to get pregnant. From fertility science, food choices, supplements, to self-massage and so on. The tips are backed by fertility science, easy to follow and achievable. Absolutely no BS!!!

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Pre-conception Detox - LIVER CLEANSE 7

I have handpicked 7 foods that are effective in promoting the liver function AND are fertility friendly at the same time. For those who are trying to conceive, don't you wanna create a clean environment for your future baby? Liver cleanse is not as complicated anymore. Just focus on eating those 7 foods in the next 2 weeks!

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2 Week Wait Series - Foods can increase your chances

Now that you are waiting and waiting. You want to make smarter food choices to maximize your chances during the week wait. What are the foods could help while you are waiting for the result? Smarter choices to make!!!!

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Improve Follicle Size and Egg Quality - 5 Steps

Follicle size too small? You can improve your follicle size and egg quality. Follow these 5 steps - backed up by multiple researches. These are all acheivable goals. You can incorporate them into your daily routines. Small changes make big differences.

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Christine Fung

Clinic Director

Christine Fung is a passionate acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner. It is her ambition to focus on women's health, fertility, and anxiety conditions. Her practice integrates holistic medicine with patient awareness and lifestyle education. She always advocates for the power of natural healing by providing the optimal therapy to her patients.

Sanjana Asnani


Sanjana is a keen believer in living a healthy and full life and strives to help her patients do the same. Her strength lies in her diagnostic ability and her sensitivity towards her patients. Sanjana’s areas of interest are stress, pain management, infertility and cosmetics.

Caroline Vye


Caroline's passion and strength lies in treating psycho-emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety and stress. She has great success in re-balancing the mind-body connection, which Chinese Medicine sees is at the root of many physical conditions

Meaghan Kleovoulos


Meaghan’s integrative approach to reproductive health through holistic medicine incorporates fertility massage for those planning to conceive and those post-partum. She believes that the dynamic cycles of reproductive health requires personalized care.

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